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Sahas Itani

Sahas Itani

Sahas Itani

Operation Incharge

Born and raised in the picturesque district of Dhading, Nepal, Mr. Sahas Itani has always had a deep appreciation for nature. His childhood was spent exploring and learning from the stunning surroundings. Currently pursuing a master's degree in travel and tourism, he has dedicated himself to this dynamic industry for over 5 years.

Driven by his passion for turning challenges into opportunities, Mr. Itani set out on a journey to discover the hidden treasures of Nepal. With visits to over 25 districts under his belt, he has personally witnessed the untapped potential and natural beauty that Nepal possesses. He firmly believes that through travel and tourism, he can not only grow personally but also showcase Nepal's vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes to the rest of the world.

Having obtained his trekking guide license in 2022 and tour guide license in 2023, Mr. Itani is now thrilled to collaborate with Royal Himalayan Holidays. With his fresh knowledge and experience, he aims to create unique and exhilarating travel experiences for customers seeking adventure in Nepal. 

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